Automatic Entrance Doors

Automatic Sliding DoorElectro-mechanical sliding doors are suitable for a wide range of applications. This door unit is extremely versatile and can be used for single or double-leafed, internal or external doors. With the overall height of the operator at only 7cm it can be integrated into almost any façade. This design allows you to achieve very large opening widths, with great freedom of design.

With these advantages, the sliding door is no longer an obstacle, but can be integrated into the column and beam structure or façade entrance.

Automatic Entrance Doors – Features:

  • One of the most compact sliding door operators available
  • Easily integrated into almost any façade
  • Environmentally friendly due to economical use of materials and energy and also heat retention
  • Quick & easy assembly and installation

Automatic Swing Doors – Quiet Operation

Automatic Sliding DoorThe unobtrusive, almost silent and extremely reliable swing door is ideal for indoor applications. The small swing door system can operate single interior doors to opening widths of up to 1000mm. Suitable for most door constructions (metal, timber, and glass) – the swing door operating system can cope with door leaf weights of up to 100kg.

Activation of Automatic Swing Doors

All current activation devices can be used in conjunction with this swing door system: sensors, infrared & radar movement detectors, key operated switches, pull switches, foot contact switches, push-buttons, surface switches, contact thresholds and radio control.

Swing Doors For Disabled Access

With the Disability Discrimination Act now in force those involved in the construction industry are responsible for ensuring entrances are accessible to all.

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