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Automatic entrance doors are a great asset for any business, bringing convenience and creating the right impression. But where did they come from, and when did they first appear? The first automatic doors are believed to have been the brainchild of a Greek engineer and mathematician named Heron, who was born around 10 AD. The two books he wrote to explain his theories and experiments [called the Pneumatica] were published in 1903. They described a mechanism capable of opening heavy temple doors, powered by a combination of heat and pressure.

Heron also came up with the idea of water powered automatic doors, with water filled containers acting as weights and working a series of ropes and pulleys. This system was applied to temple doors and City gates, and was one of 80 innovations designed by this engineer using water pressure, steam or air.

A royal library in ancient China was the setting for a foot sensor activated automatic door, which was installed during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui 604 – 618. Automatic doors have also appeared in popular fiction, such as the 1810 HG Wells book ‘When the Sleeper Wakes’. Wells describes the concept of an automatic door, as two men approach what looks like a solid wall, that then rolls up for them to enter before closing again.

Scoot forward to 1954 America and we have the first example of the automatic entrance door as we know it today. It was developed in Texas to combat the difficulties experienced by people using swing doors. These doors quickly began to be utilised in public and commercial buildings, banks, hotels and hospitals etc. Motion detectors came along in the 1970s, and infrared presence sensors in the 80s, in the 90s automatic folding doors emerged.

As our customers know, the advantages of automatic entrance doors are many and varied, and without doubt, this is one technology that has positively affected society.

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West London Attractions

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London Olympia in West London is undergoing a much anticipated makeover, and as we all know, is ideally placed as a major tourism and event attraction. The capital is a draw for many people whether it’s for business or leisure, so this iconic structure is perfect. London gets over 18 million international visitors and 12 million domestic visitors every year, and west London has the advantage of a blend of business and leisure activity in the same location.

The tourism industry provides the UK economy with over £115 billion, thanks to an array of hotels and brands such as Virgin, Disney and Harrods. London is also a prime destination thanks to accessibility with Heathrow airport and many other transport network links etc. Research has indicated that over 70% of those who visit London do so for the cultural experience. Top activities around London include theatre, live sport, live music, indoor exhibitions and music festivals. West London is the home of the Royal Albert Hall, the theatre district, Wembley Arena, Twickenham Stadium, Royal Parks and of course Olympia London.

Other things to do and places to visit are Wimbledon, the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the V&A. London Design Museum moved to the west too, bringing 250,000 visitors in the first three months!

London Olympia plays a significant role in attracting people regularly, by holding a unique and interesting range of events throughout the year. Events such as Top Drawer, which showcases new developments in home, design and lifestyle. The UK Guitar Show, Pergola Olympia, Dragworld UK, Crossfit, Great British Beer Festival, Brides The Show, Art & Antiques Fair, House & Garden and Mind, Body, Spirit London.

Along with a thriving location there is usually a fair amount of building and improvement work planned or ongoing. Whether commercial or DIY, you can hire machinery and equipment at affordable prices from specialists like Rhino Plant Hire. Give them a call on 01277 372 626.

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Shop front history

For centuries the focus in towns for trade was markets and fairs. The medieval housewife would buy much of what she needed at stalls regularly set up and dismantled. Gradually stalls were replaced by permanent shops with living space above or behind.

Shops lined many a medieval market place or high street with a typical shop front which would have large, arched, unglazed windows. The windows could be protected at night by a pair of horizontal shutters, the upper one of which could be hooked up to provide shelter while the lower one folded down to form a counter, or just one shutter could be hinged to form a counter.

Glazed shop windows gradually took over from open ones during the 18th century. Small panes of glass were set in a grid of glazing bars. Bow windows were popular by the end of the century.

While we undoubtedly admire the beauty of Victorian and Georgian shopfronts, it is some of our 20th century examples which are architecturally the most daring and striking.

By the end of the 1920s, two main types of shopfront style had emerged. The first was a very minimalist, undecorated design constructed of sleek and shiny materials. The second was of a more traditional style using curved glass entrances with tiled or marble flooring.

Aluminium Shop FrontDuring the early part of the 20th century the introduction of new materials like steel began to influence the construction of shopfronts. Steel allowed even more possibilities than its 19th century predecessor, cast iron.

Aluminium is the material that is now incredibly popular where shop front frames are concerned. Although aluminum is a lightweight metal, and very versatile, it is also incredible durable. Aluminium shop fronts are designed to withstand everything the weather has to throw at them.

IDC offers a nationwide shop front, design and installation service. Our prices are highly competitive and our installations are undertaken by a highly skilled and trained specialists.  See

Roller Shutter Doors – Sturdy, Secure and Smart

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At Industrial Door Company, we know the benefits of door security which is why we offer some of the highest quality doors and shutters around including:-

  • Roller shutter doors
  • Automatic entrance doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Traffic doors
  • Steel security doors
  • Fast action doors
  • Dock levellers
  • Security Grilles
  • Aluminium windows & doors
  • Aluminium sliding doors
  • Aluminium shop fronts
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Curtain walling

Reliable Security

Protection and security, is a priority for shops and businesses, and the type of door or shutter fitted should be considered carefully. Roller shutter doors have a distinct advantage over traditional doors, making them a sound investment for any business whether in the retail, commercial or industrial sector. Our roller shutter doors offer a robust deterrent, which will discourage thieves and vandals and protect stock and property. Opportunistic thieves will be attracted to less secure kinds of door as they know they will have a better chance of success.

Insulating and Weather Proof Doors

These doors can actually keep your premises warm in the winter and cool in the summer saving money on fuel bills! Breezes and drafts will be blocked when they are closed, and weatherstripping can be applied in case of extreme weather, so fragile goods remain undamaged.

Attractive and Convenient

Roller shutter doors are compact and do not take up that much needed space, as they retract up neatly into the area above the door frame. They are simple to operate and can be opened as much or as little as needed. They are also aesthetically pleasing as well as tough and functional, and come in a wide range of modern attractive colours to suit any business or style of property.

Call Industrial Door Company to discuss your needs on 0161 736 6484

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Multi-Functional, Stylish and Stunning Verandas, Glazed Canopies and Sunrooms

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The benefits of installing a glazed veranda are many fold, in fact you will wonder how you managed without one! They will not only enhance the look and value of your home, but provide a practical and functional living experience. Providing extra shelter from the elements whether its sunshine, wind or showers, verandas allow you to to utilise more of your home. They are open enough for you to enjoy your garden or outdoor area while remaining covered. You will be amazed at how quickly after installation this area feels like an extra room and takes on the role of a perfect stopgap between the outdoors and the indoors. The whole family will also appreciate the opportunity of extra available space to themselves when needed.
Home improvements such as verandas and sun rooms add a desirable edge to the façade of your house, with a chic elegance all of their own. They enable extended use of your garden or patio area and can even be heated and fitted with lighting. When entertaining, working or simply relaxing with a cool drink, you can enjoy fresh air in sheltered comfort. In the summer months, verandas can reduce heat by around 20 degrees, shading you and your family from harmful UV rays.

Verandas are an excellent and useful extension especially in the UK, where the weather can change several times a day. Barbecues can be ruined when the sunshine is suddenly blocked by cloud and spots of rain begin to appear, hence the expression to ‘put a dampener on things’. The gathering is subsequently cut short and guests may start to disperse, then frustratingly hey presto, out comes the sun again. With a veranda the party can converge underneath, staying dry until the shower passes.
The side and lower extensions of a wrap around style of glazed veranda offers even more stylish protection. This gives a stunning glass room effect, adding visibility along with a further barrier to the wind and rain. Plus older or less mobile members of the family can watch or join in the fun from a dry and safe vantage point.
If eventually you decide to sell your property, a veranda, glazed canopy or sunroom will prove highly attractive to prospective buyers boosting the homes saleability. Our web promotion partners TWS Verandas Ltd, have years of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of high quality double glazed products such as verandas, glazed canopies, sunrooms, smoking shelters, and awnings. They are specialists in delivering a first class result every time for domestic, commercial and business customers as well as educational establishments etc.
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Industrial Door Co. Ltd – Welcome to the Blog

asda lancaster rapid rise-mod (1)The Industrial Door Company Limited is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of industrial doors and associated equipment. Based in the North West and operating throughout the UK we manufacture, install and maintain an incredible array of roller shutters, fire doors, insulated sectional overhead doors, rapid roll doors and impact traffic doors.

The Industrial Door Company work in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. Our extensive list of valued clients includes schools, supermarkets, factories and warehouses.  From automatic entrance doors to security grilles, we manufacture dock levellers and loading bay systems, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, shop fronts and curtain walling systems, each designed, constructed and installed to the exacting standards demanded by our customers.

We have recently launched our new website, designed by Autus web design & marketing, to make it even easier for existing and prospective clients to see the choice of industrial and aluminium doors and accessories available. The new site features Responsive Website Design allowing it to be viewed as easily on a smartphone or tablet as a laptop or desktop PC. Keep an eye on the website for new products and check out the blog for the latest innovations in roller shutters, industrial doors and integrated security.

To take a small peek at only one of our product lines, the Industrial Door Company manufacture industrial roller shutter doors to a particularly robust specification. We offer a range of roller shutter door operations including direct drive, chain drive, single phase tube motor driven doors, hand chain operated doors and push op manually operated roller shutters. All of our roller shutter doors are fitted with anti drop safety brakes to prevent unwanted incidents or accident.

Our expertise in industrial doors, security doors, windows and grilles  has seen us develop a maintenance service that includes same day repairs throughout the north west. For more information on all our products and services visit

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