Curtain Walling

Aluminium curtain walling is a non-load bearing glazing system, the glazing being clad onto the building’s structure. Aluminium curtain walling involves constructing a grid of mullions and transoms to which the glazing is connected. Curtain walling then comprises an integral part of the building’s external fabric. Several issues are important in the design of a curtain walling system. These include:

  • weather resistance – air flow, water tightness & wind resistance.
  • acoustic specifications
  • thermal performance requirements

Curtain WallingIDC Aluminium Curtain Walling Features

  • We can apply opening lights and doors into the grid of the curtain walling, both automatic or manual door and window options available.
  • Transoms or mullions can be used for drainage.
  • Dual colour combinations are also available for curtain walling systems
  • Wide range of glazing options from 6mm to 28mm
  • All of our curtain walling glazing systems meet BS6026 and BS6262.

Aluminium Curtain Walling

Our aluminium curtain walling systems are suitable for low to medium rise new build or refurbishment projects. The IDC curtain walling system offers the architect and specifier wide flexibility of design appearance and construction.

IDC Curtain Walling Features:

  • Low to medium rise applications
  • For new build or refurbishment projects
  • Single or double glazing option
  • Framework insulated by thermal barrier in the pressure plate glazing
  • A range of face caps is available for different external finishes

IDC Design Aluminium Systems To Meet Architects Specifications

We work with architects and other specifiers in designing architectural aluminium systems. The architect will give us the I and U values that the aluminium curtain walling must achieve. IDC will design the aluminium curtain walling system to meet those specifications for the thermal insulation and strength requirement of the curtain walling system.

Curtain walling systems are suitable for walls up to 12 metres high. Applications include shops, offices, industrial units, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, churches, doctors surgeries, fast food restaurants, retail parks, shopping centres and houses.

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