Innovations in Door Technology

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Automatic entrance doors are a great asset for any business, bringing convenience and creating the right impression. But where did they come from, and when did they first appear? The first automatic doors are believed to have been the brainchild of a Greek engineer and mathematician named Heron, who was born around 10 AD. The two books he wrote to explain his theories and experiments [called the Pneumatica] were published in 1903. They described a mechanism capable of opening heavy temple doors, powered by a combination of heat and pressure.

Heron also came up with the idea of water powered automatic doors, with water filled containers acting as weights and working a series of ropes and pulleys. This system was applied to temple doors and City gates, and was one of 80 innovations designed by this engineer using water pressure, steam or air.

A royal library in ancient China was the setting for a foot sensor activated automatic door, which was installed during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui 604 – 618. Automatic doors have also appeared in popular fiction, such as the 1810 HG Wells book ‘When the Sleeper Wakes’. Wells describes the concept of an automatic door, as two men approach what looks like a solid wall, that then rolls up for them to enter before closing again.

Scoot forward to 1954 America and we have the first example of the automatic entrance door as we know it today. It was developed in Texas to combat the difficulties experienced by people using swing doors. These doors quickly began to be utilised in public and commercial buildings, banks, hotels and hospitals etc. Motion detectors came along in the 1970s, and infrared presence sensors in the 80s, in the 90s automatic folding doors emerged.

As our customers know, the advantages of automatic entrance doors are many and varied, and without doubt, this is one technology that has positively affected society.

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