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The benefits of installing a glazed veranda are many fold, in fact you will wonder how you managed without one! They will not only enhance the look and value of your home, but provide a practical and functional living experience. Providing extra shelter from the elements whether its sunshine, wind or showers, verandas allow you to to utilise more of your home. They are open enough for you to enjoy your garden or outdoor area while remaining covered. You will be amazed at how quickly after installation this area feels like an extra room and takes on the role of a perfect stopgap between the outdoors and the indoors. The whole family will also appreciate the opportunity of extra available space to themselves when needed.
Home improvements such as verandas and sun rooms add a desirable edge to the fa├žade of your house, with a chic elegance all of their own. They enable extended use of your garden or patio area and can even be heated and fitted with lighting. When entertaining, working or simply relaxing with a cool drink, you can enjoy fresh air in sheltered comfort. In the summer months, verandas can reduce heat by around 20 degrees, shading you and your family from harmful UV rays.

Verandas are an excellent and useful extension especially in the UK, where the weather can change several times a day. Barbecues can be ruined when the sunshine is suddenly blocked by cloud and spots of rain begin to appear, hence the expression to ‘put a dampener on things’. The gathering is subsequently cut short and guests may start to disperse, then frustratingly hey presto, out comes the sun again. With a veranda the party can converge underneath, staying dry until the shower passes.
The side and lower extensions of a wrap around style of glazed veranda offers even more stylish protection. This gives a stunning glass room effect, adding visibility along with a further barrier to the wind and rain. Plus older or less mobile members of the family can watch or join in the fun from a dry and safe vantage point.
If eventually you decide to sell your property, a veranda, glazed canopy or sunroom will prove highly attractive to prospective buyers boosting the homes saleability. Our web promotion partners TWS Verandas Ltd, have years of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of high quality double glazed products such as verandas, glazed canopies, sunrooms, smoking shelters, and awnings. They are specialists in delivering a first class result every time for domestic, commercial and business customers as well as educational establishments etc.
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